Our Mission

We empower families of missing persons who face tremendous social, economic, legal, and cultural challenges in their search for truth, and peace of mind.

As an advocate for these families, our focus is to:

  • Provide a support network for the families in their efforts to determine the fates of their missing loved ones.

  • Address the impact of a missing person on a family unit.

  • Heighten public awareness of the consequences of missing persons.

  • Persuade responsible officials to release information they have concerning missing persons.

  • Assist in advancing solutions to promote the development and implementation of international and national standards to prevent persons from becoming unaccounted for, resolve cases of missing persons, and meet humanitarian needs of the family units.

Long Term

Our objectives are to ensure surviving family members have legal, judicial standing, access to family funds, and support mechanisms for social and economic family requirements. Our goal is to introduce legal reforms that address missing individuals from a family perspective.

The overall goal of society is to exist in peace, which is only attainable when truthful knowledge is afforded to everyone
— Jane Durgom-Powers, Founder

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Family Identification Program

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Families of the Missing created the Family Identification Program as a foundation building block for Family Reunification. The purpose is to evaluate the families’ situation, and how we are able to support them. We meet with families by either inviting them to seminars to be interviewed, or go to their homes upon invitation. 

In order to help, we need to understand the basics:

  • Who’s missing, and how did it happen?
  • Does the family know how it happened? 
  • What steps have they already taken to locate the missing person?

Next, we ensure the family feels safe and their basic needs are met. If not, we connect with other NGOs and governments to provide counseling, healthcare, and legal counsel. 

We then establish if there’s been a change in the head of household. Often in developing countries if a husband/father goes missing, his wife isn’t equipped or allowed to handle finances. In order secure a steady income for herself and family, we partner with her to determine where her skill set lies. 

The Family Identification Program also allows us to capture names of surviving families, and the missing. Their names are entered into double bind databases in order to protect their identities. With this database, we’re able to increase chances of successful Family Reunification.

The goal of this program is to stabilize families emotionally, financially and logistically, while gathering information that leads to truth and reunification.