Who are The Missing?

A missing person is someone whose state of being & whereabouts are unknown.

Anyone in the wrong place at the wrong time can become a missing person. The circumstances vary, from armed conflict to natural disasters to human trafficking to religious or political persecution. 

There is no consistent accounting for individuals who disappear without a trace.

To be a missing person means to be forgotten, except only in the minds and hearts of your loved ones. In death, you grieve, you mourn, and then you go on with your life. But when your loved one is missing, you can only grieve.
— Ghanaian woman (name withheld) Accra, Ghana

The challenges lie in data collection, authorities withholding information, and individuals providing inaccurate and/or falsified information.

Accurate record-keeping is difficult or non-existent as many countries lack resources provided. Since the beginning of documented history of conflicts, accounting for missing persons has been historically overlooked.

To complicate matters further, many countries have laws and/or cultural restrictions prohibiting women from inheriting land or obtaining access to bank accounts. Women often find themselves unable to provide for their families without proof of a husband’s death. In many cases, women do not have an education, emotional support, or sufficient work opportunities. As a result, families often end up homeless, or children are sold, abandoned, or given away.